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Hello All,

I know it is taking some time to get new stories posted on here. Please be patient. I have had a few people express an interest but it can take time to talk yourself around to the right mental state to do something like this.

In the meantime, if you are interested in sharing your story, email me at:


The Project

Part of the project involves other Sexual Assault Victims, and concerned citizens, to get involved by speaking out.

You can:

– share your story by

  • making a video for our YouTube Channel
  • write a blog post
  • write a letter
  • write a poem
  • draw or pain a picture
  • write a song

– offer support via all of the above.

Any and all media can be sent to me at


I started this as a forum for both victims of sexual abuse and concerned citizens to tell other sexual abuse victims that what happened to them was not their fault.

It began because of the story of the poor 11 year old girl in Cleveland, Texas. Her community rather than band behind her, chose to further scar her by making it seem like she was somehow to blame for what happened to her. I read about it on Pharyngula and I was outraged. So were many of the other  women, and men,  on the site. Slowly we began to realize that many of us have suffered some form of sexual abuse and we decided to speak out!

In Ontario alone 1 in 3 Women and 1 in 4 Men will suffer some form of sexual abuse and/or assault before they are 16.

And that is just before they are 16.

Many women will be involved in abusive relationships that may involve sex.

95% of Sexual assaults are committed by people known by the victim before hand.

When you think of sexual assault or rape, most of you will probably think of a dark alley or street with a woman coming home from work, a club, the store being grabbed and forced by some stranger.

This is wrong.

Sexual assaults are more likely to take place in the victim’s home (#1 place) or in the perps home (#2 place). They can take place in a doctor’s office, in a car, in a school. They can happen anywhere and to anyone.

There is no such thing as a victim type. Certain types of women are not more likely to be raped than others.

There is only one thing that ALL victims have in common. No matter the situation, it is NEVER the victim’s fault.

It was not my fault when I was assaulted by a doctor when I was 18, and it is not your fault.

It does not matter if the rape happened on the street, in your home, at his home, at a friend’s home, in a car, or anywhere: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT

It does not matter if the rapist was your Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Sister, Mother, Brother, Father, Uncle, Second Cousin twice removed, Grandparent, Random stranger, your Doctor, a Police Office, a Fire Fighter.It doesn’t matter who it was that hurt. What matters is that what THEY did was wrong and is in no way YOUR fault.