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Safety after the fact

Hello All,

So I had a hard time coming up with an inoffensive name for the post, but I am hoping that the actual subject matter will redeem it.

I have recently had a discussion with some girls who were sexually assaulted. The actual even differed, but one thing they all had in common was what happened after the fact. I completely understand the need to forget about what happened, to pretend it never occurred, but I beg you, if you have been sexually assaulted by anyone, please go and get yourself tested for STIs.

One of the girls I spoke to avoided the test for too long and became infertile.

What happened is not your fault. You have a right to be upset and get angry or cope however you need to, but your physical health can be just as important as your mental health.

There are free STI clinics across the states (or so I am told. If anyone has the name and contact information for these organizations, please let me know). Planned Parenthood is a good resource for safe and effective testing.

In Canada, you must specifically request an STI test to be performed before a doctor can do one. Most clinics are equipped to do this, but sexual health clinics are available throughout the country. These tests are covered by your provincial health insurance.

In order to be fully tested you must have both a swab and blood test done. You must specifically request all tests. You can also ask to be started on Prophylactic anti-HIV medication to reduce your risk of infection. The Plan B pill is also effective at preventing post-exposure pregnancy.

Please know, being infected with an STI is nothing to be ashamed about. What happened to you is not your fault.